The Falderals: Tall Trees’ Band!

The Falderals (Fal-der-al: an old nonsense folk lyric; The Fal-der-als: a no-nonsense folk band) are the official band of Tall Trees Grow Deep. If you’re ever in the Saint Paul-Minneapolis area, come and check us out. We use our music to encourage contemplation, calm, and wonderment. Every song explores the sweet and stormy parts of life. Check back, because we are working on a new album of kid contemplation songs. Go to The Falderals official website for more music, videos, and upcoming shows. Or listen and watch below.

“Radio” was inspired by John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery.” It’s meant to be a sequel.

“A String and a Kite” is dedicated to all mothers. Andrew wrote it in a state of awe as he reflected on the amazing fact that his wife was growing a child inside her. “She’s designed / to weave from inside / a string and a kite / a wind and a life.”

A contemplation on the shortness of life, from our album, Radio:

Here’s a sneak peak at our newly cut video and a track of our forthcoming album.

You can listen to, download, and buy the full album here.