Kid Yoga

Welcome to our new Kid Yoga page. It’s growing. Certified teacher Rebecca Andestic (M.Ed.) is now working with the yoga calm curriculum, and she will be offering short video guides to help kids relax, focus, and handle powerful emotions. Subscribe to stay updated as we post more.

A simple yoga sequence for calming wild kids after school.

An easy yoga sequence to do with your kids after dinner. Great for digesting food and preparing for homework.

Woodchopper: A great yoga pose to help kids blow off steam.

Volcano: A great pose for helping kids to relax and unwind.

Arm Swings: Great for Boosting Energy and Handling Anxiety

Yoga Shaking: A nice way to get out energy, anxiety, worries:

A full yoga sequence for children. Great for taking a break, relaxing, getting ready for bed.


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