What began in college as a way to kill time after a tonsillectomy–that’s when I started my first novel–has turned into a passion for long-form fiction.  I like to write about quirky individuals in transformational situations.  I’m excited to be represented by the extremely patient and smart Stephen Fraser of The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.  He’s been working hard to get the below books published.

The Super Conspiracy, currently on submission with Stephen Fraser of The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency.

Summary:  A good day for Aaron is any day he does not throw up on himself, pass out in the lunchroom, or get locked in his locker. He has been sick and bullied his whole life. Yet that has never stopped him from writing the truth about Capital City’s corrupt government in the school newspaper. But when a sympathetic nurse convinces Aaron to stop taking his regiment of daily medications, he goes from super sick to super something else. Suddenly, he has extraordinary powers he can barely control. Expelled from school and on the run from those who want to use his powers for evil, he must get to the bottom of who he really is.  This is a series, with part two already in draft form, and three more in the works.

Shelter, currently on submission with above mentioned Literary Agency.

Sixteen-year-old Avery Peters is certain that his life has been prearranged, and he wants to vanish before the sickness that consumes the city destroys him.  He flushes all his prescription medication down the toilet (he can’t remember why he’s taking all those pills) and runs away.  He renames himself Bag and disappears into the smog and steel of the city, an urban wasteland of twenty million strangers. This is the first of a trilogy.

Mercy Loses her Socks, in progress.

Everything changes for Mercy Hartman on the day she wakes up to find all her socks are missing.  It’s an unseasonably warm February, just like six years ago, when her dad took his life.  Now her mom has just announced she’s going into rehab.  With her recently cleaned-up uncle taking over parenting duties, Mercy begins to unravel the mystery of her father’s life and death, as well as the mystery of who she is and who she will become.  The path she chooses will change her school and city forever.  And it all happens without socks.  Mercy Loses Her Socks is a transcendental transformational teenage fairy tale.

I have a few adult novels that I’ve written over the years, including The Gwendolyn Question and The Avery Exorcism.  Someday, I hope these will see the light of day.