Andrew Andestic Biography

Andy has wasted half his life writing poems, songs, and books; the other half he’s wasted studying different religious and spiritual practices; in the final half of his life, which has not been a waste at all, he’s fathered three awesome kids, married the amazing Rebecca, and taught at the Juvenile Detention Center in the Twin Cities, where he helps kids who struggle with behavior issues and math problems.  Occasionally, they read his work and give suggestions.  Usually, they encourage him to write stories about breaking out of jail.

In high school, he recorded and put out two albums (cassette tapes, actually) with the band Perfect Sycamore. In college, he played power pop in the notorious trio known as Gatewood. He also started a novel to pass the time after getting his tonsils removed.  This novel became The Avery Exorcism. It followed a day in the life of a carnival worker. Though he never tried to publish the book, he fell in love with the process of writing novels (and carnies), and he got an A for his creative writing thesis.

He graduated from The University of Wisconsin, Madison with a degree in Sociology and English. After college, he joined the Peace Corps, lived abroad for three years, got married, had three kids (not all at the same time), earned a Masters in Special Education, started a teaching career, and wrote a literary novel called The Gwendolyn Question, which got this close (see these two fingers, almost touching) to being published.

Now he writes and performs indie-folk music with his band The Falderals (hailed as “a taste of true American folk music” by Scott Johnson of theSuperior Telegram) and pens YA fiction about kids facing transformational situations.  Two of his YA books, The Super Conspiracy and Shelter, are currently on submission with his agent.

He also likes to write about spiritual stuff at his blog, Tall Trees Grow Deep, where he offers the resources he has created to encourage young adults (and old adults) to stop and contemplate.  He used to write about spiritual stuff at his old blog, Give Up and Die, but has recently decided to be more positive.

Andy is represented by the amazingly patient Stephen Fraser of The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency. You can contact his agent here. Or you can contact Andy directly at andrew (dot) andestic @ gmail (dot) com.