About Tall Trees Grow Deep: Contemplation, Inspiration, and Deep-Thinking for Young (and old) People

Tall Trees Grow Deep is about creating and sharing resources that inspire contemplation, creativity, mindfulness, deep-thinking, compassion, and (awe)someness in young people of all ages.  We’re about growing awesome humans. No answers, just having fun asking the big questions.

Socrates said, “An unexamined life is not worth living.”  Tall Trees Grow Deep is devoted to creating and sharing resources that help young people (and the adults who surround them) pause, contemplate, and examine in order to live inspired lives. The world needs smart kids, but it also needs deep kids.

It all began when a public school teacher started creating simple “contemplation” activities for his students in order to get them to think beyond the curriculum. The goal was to get his students to think in new ways, contemplate big questions, calm down, center, focus, and enjoy looking at things deeply. Now these free resources are here for anyone to use.  Most activities printable, reproducible, and ready-to-go. Or you can buy a bundled e-book of all the newest activities and support this work. We’re proud to announce that our first workbook is now available on Amazon, too. Subscribe to our growing community to get tips and new resources as they’re made (we’ll throw in a free mini e-book of activities with your subscription).

Tall Trees Grow Deep is not a religious organization, but instead it draws on all areas of life–the arts, philosophy, mysticism, politics, world cultures, fables, bad jokes, and, yes, even great spiritual thinkers–to encourage people to slow down, contemplate, and live quality lives. The mindfulness materials we offer are great for home or school, for youth groups, adult groups, and anybody who could use a moment to pause and think. Most were designed and tested out on the toughest critics we could find, kids at the Juvenile Detention Center (and our own kids, too).

And now available, exclusively through Tall Trees Grow Deep, is street-philosopher Dead Zen’s controversial new e-book Get Life or Die Trying: A Guide to Life Before Death for Teens and Other Crazy People.  It might just be the kick in the butt your teen needs.

If you’re a kid and your broke, email us (TallTreesGrowDeep @ gmail dot com) and we’ll send you all the stuff for free. Otherwise, by purchasing the resources, you support this important work.


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Tall Trees Grow Deep was founded by Andrew Andestic (M.Ed), a writer, musician (check out St. Paul’s best folk band The Falderals), public school teacher, father of three rad kids, and wanna-be mystic, with the goal of exploring ways to bring contemplation, mindfulness, and creativity into the frantic lives of our young people. You can contact him at TallTreesGrowDeep @ gmail(dot)com.