Loving Everything

I turned forty! You’d think I’d have some major revelations or deep thoughts to share. I don’t. I’m just grateful to be in this life. I still feel like a kid most days, and I often wonder, who put me in charge of stuff? Who gave me a real job? Who let me out of the hospital with these three children? Who trusted me with a mortgage and a house? Are you people crazy?

As a kid, I spent a lot of time writing and recording songs on a four-track. That hasn’t changed much, except now I can add a video. It’s a little childish and it’s super fun. Life should be more like a musical anyway, with all our great dramas and joys worked out through song and dance. So here’s a new one for forty. Not sure if the songs I write now are any better than the ones from when I was fourteen. But I’m glad I still do it, and I’m happy I found a partner (thanks, Rebecca) childish enough to do it with me.

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