Have a Mindful and Meaningful Holiday! And for a short time, get our entire resource book for free!

talltreesbookimageHappy and AWE-some Holidays! In honor of the season, we’re giving away our full e-book, Activities that Inspire Mindfulness, Contemplation, Creativity, Compassion, Deep-Thinking, and Awesomeness in Young People, to all new subscribers. We want to grow a community of parents, teachers, leaders, and thinkers who are devoted to not only raising smart kids, but deep kids. The book is a fully printable, reproducible pdf-formatted workbook of all of our best classroom or kitchen table activities, great for getting your kids (and your adults) to think deeply, contemplate life, be mindful, and grow awesome. You are welcome to buy a hard-copy on Amazon hereBut, to be honest, the e-book is more practical because you can print out copies of the specific activities you want to use. It’s free right now just for subscribing. Go here, or click the subscription button on the side. You’ll get the link emailed to you with your subscription confirmation. Share with anyone you think might find it useful. Have a great holiday season. And don’t forget to take some time to be mindful, mystical, meditative, creative, compassionate, and AWEsome.


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